I am SO excited to introduce you all to the amazing work of Canadian artist, Jen Liz Rome. I saw a collaboration she did recently with one of our other artists and quickly got in touch to get her on board. We are going to be working with her a lot next year.

For Christmas we have two exclusive prints, ‘Crow #1’ and ‘Crow #2’ - they are both absolute jaw droppers. Available in sizes A3-A1.

Jen Liz Rome - Crow #1
Jen Liz Rome - Crow #2

Both are an edition of 35
Sizes A3, A2 and 24x36”
Printed on 310gsm Hanenmuhle Photorag
Unsigned, provided with Hologram COA
Prices £20-60 plus shipping

Online now: http://kneedeepinsleep.com/art-prints/jen-liz-rome.html

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